Formosa design office is a Sydney based architectural design practice focusing on good collaborative client relationships and intelligent solutions that are comfortable to live in and connect to nature.

Our approach is  to fully understand the clients objectives and test various solutions in sketch form before any application is made to council or certifier. This approach allows time for ideas to be explored and solutions found that develop into the ideal spacial layout.

Design Principals.

Function: It is important to us to understand how people will live, play and entertain in their spaces; considering present and future needs. Work from home options have become a growing need, as well as the option for a secondary dwelling (granny flat) to utilise the property’s potential . These can also inform the designs short or long term solution.

Connected to Nature: It is important to us to understand how the spaces will receive natural light to enliven and warm spaces. Effective indoor-outdoor relationships connected to gardens or views are key to every design.

History: Having  worked in Sydney’s inner suburbs our office has developed an appreciation for the history of homes and has become skilled in re-interpreting their history in a modern and exciting way.

Formosa design office was established by Stuart Formosa in 2009. Stuarts prior experience in Sydney and Amsterdam on high end hospitality and commercial projects has honed a professional approach, bringing experience and imagination to creating wonderful spaces to live and play in .

Stuart Formosa: Ba Architecture, Ba Arts (architecture). University of Technology,Sydney. 

Awards. MBA Best Renovation under $500,000. Builder Genuine Building Services

photography: Geoff Magee photography